Ignite your fire with BernzOmatic

Founded in 1876, with a combination of true craftsmanship, quality material, and a mindset on innovation. This brand pride themselves on the premium engineering of reliable, easy to use kit. Their products are tested to 30,000 ignitions, the highest in the global industry.

With ranges suitable for DIYers, and professional contractors, you'll find what you're looking for. Shop right here on eBay for BernzOmatic blowtorches.

Choosing the right BernzOmatic torch

Whether you are looking to build, fix, make, cook, or simply explore, you'll find a blowtorch for your needs on eBay. If you are looking to build, shop through a range of torches for a range of purposes. For brazing, welding, soldering, or applying heat treatment, try the Trigger Start.

If you're trying to fix something, BernzOmatic torches will allow you to heat shrink wire, thaw frozen pipes, remove weeds, and strip paint. You can also use them to loosen a rusty bolt. For this purpose, if you are new to torches, go for the TS3500 Multi-Use Torch. If you're more experienced, the TS8000 Max Heat Torch may be more suitable.

Torches are popular when cooking, allowing you to apply quick heat, and add an impressive finishing touch to your meals. Great for dinner parties, or adding a bit of extra crisp to the food at your barbie. Sear meat, brûlée sugar, make cocktails. You can also use the torch to simply light your gas grill. If you're interested in adding some fire to your cocktails, BernzOmatic recommends the ST2200T Detail Torch for high heat.

BernzOmatic accessories

Shop for a range of fuel cylinders, soldering kits, brazing rods, and other accessories from BernzOmatic. From water-resistant sand cloth to a useful torch extension hose. BernzOmatic has thought of it all. This brand takes flame safety seriously. Their products are manufactured to exceed the government standards across both safety, and quality. Check out the BernzOmatic literature, and inform yourself of important safety warnings when it comes to fuel cylinders, and hand torches.