Bic Lighter

Bic Lighters

Bic lighters are known for their reliability, as well as their fuel efficiency and long overall lifespan. They are great for lighting candles and incense, and they also make a valuable addition to your camping gear or survival equipment. There are numerous types of Bic lighters available, so you can find one that suits your individual needs.

Bic Maxi Lighters

Bic Maxi lighters are the largest model of Bic lighter. However, they are still small enough to easily fit into a pocket. These lighters feature a standard lighting mechanism with a spark wheel and a red ignition button that you hold down to release the fuel and sustain the flame.

Bic Mini Lighters

Bic mini lighters are about half the size of Bic Maxi lighters. This makes them extremely lightweight and portable. Despite their small size, these lighters are capable of creating the same flame size as a full-sized Maxi lighter. These lighters come in a wide variety of colours, including neutral colours and bright fluorescent colours. Just like the Maxi lighters, they have a standard lighting mechanism. You can get them individually, or as bulk lighters.

Bic Clic Lighters

Bic Clic lighters are different from other types of Bic lighters because they have an electronic lighting mechanism. To light them, you simply press down on a button until it clicks and lights. These are ideal for people who dislike using standard lighting mechanisms. This type of lighter comes in mini and maxi sizes. Some of them also feature a sliding mechanism that allows you to adjust the size of the flame.

Bic Collectable Lighters

Bic collectable lighters feature a variety of patterns and images. Some of them have flags from different countries or pictures of different animals. Bic lighters were first made in the 1970s, so you can find collectable lighters from that era all the way up to now.