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Staying Safe

Staying safe while cycling means having good brakes, having good tyres, and in general, keeping everything on the bike in good working order. However, there are other safety essentials all cyclists should invest in. One of the most important safety accessory would have to be bicycle lights and reflectors. Available for the front and rear of the bike, lights can also be attached to the cyclist’s helmet for even better visibility. Wearing a light while cycling has two main advantages. First off, wearing a bike light can alert drivers to the cyclist’s presence, allowing the driver to give the cyclist enough room as he passes him.   Secondly, a bike light can provide illumination for the cyclist, allowing him to avoid potholes and other obstacles on darkened roads late at night. Another popular accessory to help improve visibility is the reflector. Reflectors – obviously – reflect light, bringing even more attention to the cyclist when cars are passing him. Reflectors can be stuck to the bike, to clothing, to helmets or to backpacks, or they can be featured within cycling clothing. Any other safety accessories? Bicycle training wheels can help kids to learn to cycle safely, bicycle mirrors can help rider awareness, and bicycle bells and horns can help the cyclist alert pedestrians to his presence.

Getting Practical

Bicycle accessories are all about providing practicality to cycling. While cars have boots, bikes are somewhat lacking in storage space. Bicycle bags and panniers and bicycle baskets can help cyclists travel with heavier items without having to use a backpack. Cars also have the advantage of having in-built seats to carry passengers. For cyclists who want to carry kids on their bikes, there are bicycle child seats and bicycle trailers (which can also be used to transport bulkier items).   Want more? Bicycle locks and security can help protect bikes against theft, cycling hydration packs and bicycle water bottles and cages can help keep cyclists hydrated, and bicycle saddle and seat covers can help keep bottoms well-cushioned on long rides. From bicycle kickstands and bicycle pumps, to bicycle fenders and bicycle stands and storage, eBay is the place to go to find all the best bicycle accessories. Check out big brands such as CamelBak, Lezyne, Roswheel and Topeak, to find new and used accessories for almost every cycling need.