Bicycle Bar Ends & Plugs

Bicycle Bar Ends and Plugs

Keeping a bike operational isn't always an easy task. A rough ride can easily lead to a few pieces and parts coming loose. It's essential to purchase based on the style of bike and how it is used, such as mountain bike bar ends and plugs compared to universal bikes. In some situations, these key components differ from one brand of bicycle to the next, such as BMX bike bar ends and plugs not fitting Zoom or KCNC. Make and model are important, but so is the user's preference. A variety of options exist to fit just about any need.

Shop by Brands

When purchasing bicycle bar ends and plugs, one of the most common steps is to choose the same branded plugs and bar ends. While some brands offer interchangeable options that fit most bikes, other brands have very specific styles, sizes, and aesthetics to maintain. Brands such as RavX, Brooks, BMX, and Control Tech are a few options.

Shop by Bike Type

Unbranded bicycle bar ends and plugs can work in many cases. Once the buyer considers the size, shape, and overall stylistic elements of these components, it can be possible to purchase unbranded items. However, it is still important to buy based on bike type. Bike types include universal, road bikes, or racing bikes and mountain bikes.

Look for Exact Replacements

Because these bicycle components and parts help hold the bike in place, they are a security feature. It is essential, then, to purchase exact replacements in some cases. This includes styles that range from end plugs that push in or deadbolt-style bar ends. Small differences can play a role in overall safety.

Consider Adding Spares

For those who hit the bike trail often or compete, a breakdown can be devastating. Because these components of the bike can fall off or out at any time, it becomes important to purchase spares. Not only can consumers purchase additional plugs and parts, but also bags and storage containers for them. This makes it easy to take spares on the bike trail.