Bicycle Build Kits and Gruppos

What’s better than owning a reliable road bike? Building one by yourself, of course. Bikes are modular in nature, which allows you to make upgrades, additions, or reductions based on your riding style and personal taste. To get more out of your bike, purchase bike parts in groups or individually depending on what currently turns your gears.

Racing Build Kits

Build kits or gruppos are organised sets of bike components and mechanical parts. The gear shifters, brake levers, brakes, derailleurs, bottom bracket, crankset, chain, and cogset all comprise a group set with additions like a seatpost, headset, pedals, and cables included in some. Road racing bike build kits and gruppos may include any combination of the above mentioned components. Therefore, be sure to review what each set includes so you don't end up with one that doesn't have all the bike parts you need. Generally, shifters, rear and front derailleurs with their corresponding cables, and the crankset comprise a basic kit.

Touring Bike Build Kits

A brazed-on front derailleur, short cage rear derailleur, a 170 mm crankset, English thread bottom jacket, a cassette, a chain, brake sets, and electronic systems are included in touring bike build kits and gruppos. If you are looking for a particular brand of mechanical bike components, make sure to carefully look at the images so you’re sure you get the right upgrade for your touring needs. In particular, make sure the chain is at the correct length since touring bicycles have long wheelbases.

Single Upgrades

You don’t have to get a whole set if you only need a couple of parts. This is the beauty of customising your own bike. You get to choose what goes and what stays. Need better braking performance? Swap out the brake set with premium counterparts to achieve the braking power you desire. A chain, rear derailleur, and cassette gruppo is good for tuned up acceleration with the added benefit of extra durability when you buy quality bike parts.