Bicycle Cables & Housing Equipment

Your guide to buying bicycle cables & housing equipment

The brake is one of the most important parts of your bike. If your brakes are bent, broken, or performing harsher than expected, it might be time for a replacement. Buying bicycle cables & housing equipment can seem complicated, but making the right purchase is all about understanding each component and deciding which is suited to the problem at hand.

Brake inner cables

When you buy brake inner cables you're purchasing only the cable itself. The cable is typically made of stainless steel cord or wire, which is strong enough to help slow or stop your bike when it's moving at speed. It's important to note that these cables are not sold with housing. A cable only purchase is perfect if you're simply replacing a broken cable, but you should ensure that your housing is not damaged before choosing your cable.

Brake cable housing

Like many other bike components & parts your brake cable needs a protective case, or housing. The type of housing can vary from product to product, but they all serve to prevent cable movement and warping and act as a conduit for the cable. It's possible that your bicycle'shousing has become bent or damaged, but the cable inside is still in perfect condition. In this case, it's best to purchase only the brake cable housing and fit it to your bike with your existing cable.

Brake cable and housing sets

If you're facing an issue with both your brake cable and its housing, or if you'e simply replacing your entire braking mechanism, then buying a brake cable and housing set might be your best choice. Brake cable and housing sets will typically provide you with the inner brake wire, the outer casing or housing, and the end caps that you'l use when you fit the cable to your bike.

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