Bicycle Carrier & Pannier Racks

When you’re going for long rides and need some extra storage, you need to invest in a bicycle carrier and pannier rack. Simply put, these racks are the bags on your bike that store all your belongings whilst riding. They typically mount over your wheels and are most commonly used for long-distance touring or to haul items around town.

The best pannier rack for your bike needs to be sturdy, have a rigid back so it doesn’t slump, and at least a few compartments – one or some of which should be waterproof. A long-time investment, bicycle carriers are worth the expense as you will use it every time you need to travel with a load.

If this will be your first bicycle carrier purchase, the Universal Bike Rear Luggage Rack is a great option. Made from aluminium alloy, the maximum load capacity is 25kg and can be extended up to 40cm. If you want something a bit tougher, you can opt for the Mountain Bike Rear Pannier Rack. Carrying an impressive 60kg, you are free to mount more luggage or items onto the back of your bicycle. Easy to mount and remove without using a tool is probably its best feature. You might also need to buy a pannier bag with your rack. The Pannier Bag is 100% waterproof so your clean clothes will be safe in it even while you’re riding in the wind and rain. It also has reflected strips around the bag to assure safe use while late at night.

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