Bicycle Chainrings & BMX Sprockets

Bicycle Chainrings and BMX Sprockets   

When getting into BMX bikes, a basic understanding of how the gears interact with the chain is helpful. These bike parts are what drive the wheels, so it’s worthwhile to know what the different designs are and which materials are used so that your next bike upgrade translates to more performance.   

What Are Bicycle Chainrings and Sprockets?   

The chainring is the circular gear with multiple cogs and is connected directly to the pedals. The chain meshes with the ring so that each push of the pedal rotates the rear wheel BMX sprocket which then turns the wheel. The rear sprocket is a component of the chainset and is able to suspend the motion of the bicycle chains when coasting on the bike.   

What Material is Typically Used to Make Them?  

These bike parts are typically made of steel. Some riders prefer to keep their bikes super light, so they opt for alloy materials instead. These are just as strong but are lightweight.   

What Designs Can I Choose From?   

Get extremely creative with your BMX ride by getting a Strangergram sprocket with a memerising oil slick pattern. If a more subdued but modern look is more your thing, then the Eclat Vent guard sprocket’s robotic design is the one for you.