Bicycle Chains

Bicycle chains for any bike

A fully functioning chain is key to maintaining your bike as it connects the pedals and cranks to the rear sprocket and rear hub. As the bicycle chain is responsible for the speed of your bike, its therefore important to look after it. This way, your gears can stay in tip-top shape and keep your riding as smooth as possible.

The type of bike you are riding will dictate the type of chain you need. On eBay you can find the right chain and other parts you require, whether you have a BMX, electric bike, or racing bike. Check out SRAM, KMC, and Shimano bike chains, among many others.

Features and benefits

The majority of bike chains are made of alloy steel or plain carbon, and sometimes nickel-plating is used to help prevent rust and improve the aesthetics. The number of gears you have on your bike will dictate the width of the chain. On eBay, chain widths vary, and you can find new chains suitable for just single speed bikes, right up to the 11 speed chains.

With that, chain width has become progressively less over time as technology has advanced. As we see more gears being added, due to the extra need for speed, we are seeing the design change accordingly. The chain itself still looks the same however the finer details seen in the links and contact points are constantly being modified and improved to allow narrower chains to function better, create more speed and still manage to withstand the test of the terrain.

A good quality chain allows you to have a smooth gear change, move through the cassette easily and provide you with miles upon miles of trouble-free cycling, regardless of what you use your bike for. Always ensure you look after your chain by keeping it clean and well lubricated to help prevent corrosion, and stop it from wearing out.