Bicycle cranksets to keep you powering on

Regardless of whether you're a mountain bike enthusiast, BMX freestyler, or just enjoy using your bike for leisure, you will always need to make sure your wheels keep on turning. Bicycle cranksets are the levers which transfer pedal pressure into wheel propulsion and speed.

The key components of the crankset are the crank length, axle, spider, chainrings, material, and bearings. Here on eBay, you have a huge choice from Sram, Campagnolo, and Shimano cranksets, alongside other brands.

Choose your own crankset

It's easy to pick the most aesthetically pleasing crankset to fit your bike's look and feel. Here you can find a range of colours, from traditional black and grey up to more unique styles such as multi-coloured or pink cranks. The material options available for cranksets are the ever-popular aluminium design, steel, carbon as well as titanium options to add a high end feel to your bike.

Selecting the correct components

Alongside the aesthetics of your bike, you need to make sure you pick the right components and products which fit within its specification otherwise the crankset may not fit properly. The bottom bracket interface options range from the traditional BB30 design to ISIS and square taper JIS, alongside over 15 other designs to ensure you can pick the right part.

The crankarm length also comes in options ranging from 135 mm up to 220 mm to make sure your leverage preferences are met. The number of chainrings that are on your crankset come in options from single, to double, and triple sets, letting you choose the perfect part for your bike.

If you don't need the whole crankset replaced there are also options to find just the crank arms, crank arm shorteners, or anodised alloy crankset bolts. You can purchase the crankset with or without the chainring, depending on what you specifically need for your bike.