Bicycle Handlebars

Bicycle handlebars

When it comes to bicycle handlebars, there's more than meets the eye. You can be forgiven for assuming that this shaped part does little more than ensure a bike goes in the direction it's pointed. However, the design, geometry, and dimensions of a handlebar play a huge role in determining how a bike handles, as well as how well positioned you are on the bike. The best handlebars have been designed using materials that balance the minimisation of weight, whilst maintaining strength, and enhancing comfort.

Mountain bike handlebars

There are several important factors you should consider when buying mountain bike handlebars, including width and height, the degree of bend, and material used. Undoubtedly, the most important of these is handlebar width. How wide a handlebar is has become a big trend in mountain biking, with many of the UCI World Cup DH racers exceeding 800 mm. The theory is that wide handlebars help to spread weight over the front wheel, which means that steering inputs require a lot less force.

Road bike handlebars

There have been many innovations in road bike handlebars in recent years, creating a wide choice of bars to accommodate various rider preferences. The main bar designs available are those with a traditional bend, providing a smooth curve throughout the drop. Ergonomic bars with more angular curves are designed to provide riders with a much more comfortable and relaxed hand position. There are also ergonomic bars with flat top sections, which can help to reduce strain on hands and wrists. Road bars are available in aluminium alloy and carbon fibre designs.

You'll find a wide range of bicycle handlebars on eBay, from great brands such as Aero, Renthal, MTB, and Race Face. Here you can find handlebars for mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes and cruiser bikes.