Bicycle Headsets

Maintain your with bicycle headsets

Whether you're into the speed of track cycling, the thrill of off-road mountain biking, or simply use your two wheels to get you from A to B, a headset is a vital component of any bike.

This small piece of integrated kit essentially consists of a tube with a bearing at either end that's held by cups and a spacer or two. It sits inside the fork steerer in the head tube of a bicycle – the section of frame which link the handlebars to the bike fork, which in turn holds the front wheel. When you turn the handlebars, the headset provides crucial rotation to convert this movement into a change of direction, thereby enabling you to handle your steering with more precision, confidence, and ease.

You will soon know if your bike headset isn't functioning correctly as it will cause reverberations and awkward handling. At worst, it can also damage the rest of your bike frame.

Find exactly what you need

Shopping for bike headsets can be confusing, so on eBay it is broken down into clear product options. The diameter relates to your bike's head tube and will differ slightly for specific bike types. Make sure to check and choose the right one so that your new headset fits properly. Headsets measuring 1” in diameter generally fit older bikes, so while you may need one if you're doing up a vintage model, it is less common nowadays. Most new, modern bikes use a slightly wider 1-1/8” diameter headset as standard.

A third type of headset available on eBay is the tapered version. This tends to be used on more specialist bikes intended for speed or racing as it can result in a more precise steering performance, even in demanding conditions.

Thread type is another consideration when buying a headset. Older bikes usually have threaded headsets however modern models are mostly constructed using the more recent, threadless design.

Well-known brands

On eBay you can shop for headsets and other bicycle components from various well-known biking brands including FSA, MTB, and Campagnolo.