Bicycle Lights & Reflectors

When it comes to bike safety, you’ve probably got all the right equipment: a helmet, gloves, and protective clothing. However, you might not have considered one of the most important but often neglected types of bicycle security: bike lights.

Whether you’re commuting to school or work, or even if you’re just finding a spare half an hour in the day to fit in a little exercise, it is crucial that you fit your bicycle out with a number of lights so you can be visible whenever you hit the road.

Types of bike lights

Front light: A powerful front light will not only make you be seen by other commuters, but it will also enable you to see well in front of you. When you’re looking for a front light, opt for one with a strong output that will enable you to see distances of up to 800 metres in front.

Tail lights: Positioned on the rear, a high intensity safety light will allow for other road users to see you, even from a good distance. These lights are usually flashing for added visibility, and they also use the battery more efficiently.

Reflective lights on helmets: Helmet reflective lights are a great option, and are on the back of the helmet. Thye make the rider identifiable every time they turn their head.

You can never have too many lights while riding – while you have been on the road, you may have noticed the cyclist who looks like they are a moving disco ball, but the point is that you saw them. When you’re looking for bike lights, ensure they are also waterproof so they work in all weather conditions.

One of the best things about bicycle tail lights and bicycle light reflectors is that they do not require any wiring beyond the components included – all you need to do is clip and go! When you need high quality bike lights, shop online on eBay today for great prices on bicycle accessories.