Bicycle Locks & Security

Bicycle Locks and Security

Nobody wants to come outside only to find their bike has been stolen. Without bike locks, that is just what can happen to the unwary cyclist. Modern bicycles are more than just children's toys; they are investments. After spending the money on a magnesium framed bicycle, there is absolutely no reason to cut corners on its security, which is why locks are some of the most important bike accessories you can buy.

Lock it Down

The first rule of bicycle security is that you must lock your bike to something. Yes, it's easy to run a lock through the back wheel so that no one can ride it, but that doesn't prevent someone from just picking it up and carrying your bike away. Even if you store it behind locked doors at home, you should consider a ground anchor or something else to lock your bike to.

Locking Your Bike

When you lock your bike to something, it's important to lock it the right way. You always want to lock both the wheel and the frame to something that is permanently affixed to the ground. Metal loop bike stands are good because once the lock is attached, there is no way to simply lift the bike off the post. With a U lock, you want to fill the interior with as much of your bicycle as you can, so it's harder for anyone to get at the lock itself. Chains and cables should be both tight and as high as you can get them.

Chains and Cables

Although bicycle cable locks and bicycle chain locks look very similar, they are not interchangeable. Chain locks are much heavier and stronger, providing a lot more security. The advantage of cable locks is that they are more flexible and easier to carry, so they make an excellent back-up lock.


The strongest locks you can buy are U-locks, with their solid metal construction. The design is simple, a curved metal bar that locks into place with a crossbar across the bottom. When using one, it's important to try to get as much of your bike as you can inside the U, so there is less space for someone to get a bolt-cutter. Also keep it off the ground so thieves have less leverage.