Bicycle Lubrication and Cleaning Equipment

Using bicycle lubrication and cleaning equipment is important for ensuring that your bicycle stays in prime condition. These products are especially important if you ride your bike frequently, or if you ride your bike in dusty or muddy conditions. Keeping all the moving parts on your bicycle properly cleaned and lubricated is a great way to ensure a smooth ride, and to extend the overall lifespan of your bike.

Bicycle Lubrication

Bicycle lubricant is useful for nearly all of the moving parts on your bicycle. One of the most common places to apply it is to the bike chain. This helps ensure that the chain moves smoothly, and reduces the likelihood that it will get stuck when changing gears.

Bicycle Grease

Bicycle grease equipment is a specific type of bicycle lubrication equipment. Grease is more viscous than many other types of lubrication, and it tends to stay on for a lot longer than thinner oil-based lubricants. Bicycle grease is commonly applied around the moving parts of bike pedals, as well as around the steering mechanism. Most bicycle grease is water-resistant, which means it stays on when you ride through rain or mud.

Bicycle Degreaser

Bicycle degreaser is useful when too much grease builds up around the moving parts of your bike, as well as when the grease becomes too gritty and you want to remove it and apply fresh grease. These products cut through the grease in a way that water cannot, making it possible to quickly and easily wipe it off.

Bicycle Cleaner

Bicycle cleaning equipment is useful for keeping your entire bike looking its best, as well as ensuring that all moving parts work efficiently. Most bicycle cleaners come in spray bottles. Some have manual sprayers and others use aerosol. You can find natural and organic bicycle cleaners as well as those that utilise synthetic chemicals.