Bicycle Maintenance Tools

A broken bicycle does not necessarily mean a trip to the workshop or a ruined ride. With the right tools, you can repair your bike yourself. However, it is also important to prevent any failures and with proper maintenance you can do just that. Acquire the tools as a complete kit or gather the required items individually if you have more time to pick and decide.

Bicycle Repair Stands

A proper bicycle repair stand makes doing the repairs and routine maintenance much easier. With a quality stand, you do not have to bend or turn your bicycle upside down. A good stand remains stable and holds your bike steady, while also saving your back.

Bicycle Routine Maintenance Tools

Routine maintenance can save you from more complex repair and it also extends your bike's lifespan. The maintenance may include replacing brake pads, fixing a flat tyre as well as cleaning and lubing the chain. For these jobs, you would need Allen key maintenance tools, chain brush, chain lube and cleaner, cleaning rags, open end wrenches, tyre levers, tubes, tube patch kit and bicycle pump.

Bicycle Brake Tools

The brakes on your bicycle need to function properly if you want to ride safely. The simplest task is replacing the brake pads, while hydraulic disc brakes may require bleeding. Common brake tasks require some of the same tools that you would use for routine maintenance, such as the Allen wrench set, open-end wrenches and clean rags. In addition, you need denatured alcohol, latex gloves, Torx T25 wrench, rotor truing tool, needle-nose pliers and bleed kit.

Drivetrain Bicycle Tools

Working the drivetrain can include changing brake or shift cables, removing a cassette, removing the pedals, replacing the bottom bracket, adjusting the bicycle rear derailleur and replacing an old chain. In addition to basics like Allen wrenches, Torx wrenches and needle nose pliers, you would also need cable cutters, chain pliers, chain pin removal tool, chain wear indicator gauge, cassette lockring remover, chain whip, bottom bracket tool and pedal wrench.