Bicycle Mirrors

Whether you are a road or mountain bike rider, bike mirrors are an essential accessory for any level of cyclist. They provide views of the road or trail that you can't easily see in order to keep you safe when out riding.

Reasons You Should Install Bike Mirrors

There are a number of reasons why you should have bike mirrors installed, and they all centre on safety. If you are riding during the colder months of the year, chances are that you will be rugged up with a hood or balaclava, which reduces your ability to turn your head to see what is approaching from behind. If you wear prescription glasses or sunglasses, you may also have difficulty turning your head to be able to see properly and completely out of your lenses. When riding in heavy traffic conditions or large groups of cyclists or crowds, it is imperative that you are completely aware of your surroundings on all sides to protect yourself and those around you. Installing bike mirrors will help with all of these issues and keep you safe when you are out riding.

Handlebar Mirrors

Bicycle handlebar mirrors are designed to sit easily on the end of each handlebar and stick out beyond the width of the rider. This allows for the rider to have a clear line of vision behind them on both sides of the bike. Some handlebar mirrors are attached with clips, Velcro or hinges, while others replace the plug at the end of the handlebar.

Helmet Mirrors

Most helmet bicycle mirrors come in two different types, depending upon how they are mounted to the helmet. One way is that the mirror is screwed or clamped onto the hard part of the helmet shell. The other option is to have the mirror simply attached with an adhesive patch. The helmet mirror is attached to a moveable stalk that then sits just above your left or right eye. This means that only a slight turn of your head is needed to see everything to the side and behind you.