Bicycle Saddle/Seat Bags

Bicycle Saddle/Seat Bag

Cycling can be a useful means of getting about as well as a healthy hobby but it also means your hands aren’t free as you get about. A bicycle saddle or seat bag gives you somewhere to safely store your personal valuables as you go for a ride. Saddle bags are just one of many bicycle accessories available for convenience or to improve your cycling experience.

Convenient Cycling Storage

When going for a cycle, it stands to reason you’re going to want things like your keys, wallet and phone with you on your ride. A bike saddle bag provides you with a convenient little pouch to store your belongings in as well as any tools or bike parts you may need along the way. Some bike saddle bags come with interior mesh pockets so you can keep everything organised as you ride. The bag is usually strapped and hooked in securely beneath your saddle so you don’t need to worry about it falling off in the middle of the road.

Aerodynamic Styling

There are plenty of options for storage when cycling, but larger bicycle bags and panniers have the disadvantage of reducing the aerodynamics of the bicycle. A seat bag however, is designed to sit in such a way that it has a minimal effect on the streamlining of the bike. They’re also often made to be in the most aerodynamic shape as possible so that you’re not sacrificing convenience for your speed.

Waterproof Bags

Given that you’ll be using them in the outdoors, you don’t want all your possessions to be ruined by some bad weather. Typically, saddle bags are made from water-repellent or waterproof material so that a sudden shower doesn’t destroy your phone.

Cycling Safely

Aside from letting you focus on your cycling, saddle bags are often designed to enhance your visibility to others on the road. This comes in the form of an additional tail light clipped to the bag to signal where you are as well as reflective strips that will shine under car headlights.