Bicycle Shifters

Bicycle shifters for smooth gear changes

A bicycle shifter is a component used to control a bike's gearing mechanisms and select the optimal gear ratio. It allows on-the-move gear changes, which are incredibly important when cycling on fluctuating gradients. Newer models provide indexed shifting, which ensures that the bike remains in the desired gear, even when the rider is putting out a great deal of power when climbing or sprinting.

Different styles for different cycles

You can find a range of bicycle shifters on eBay, from brands such as Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo. Most brake levers are available in a set, containing shifters for both rear and front brakes. The best type of brake lever depends on the type of bike you are using and your personal preference.

Trigger shifters

Trigger shifters are the most common type of shifter and are used on BMX bikes. They're fixed on the straight handlebar adjacent to the lever, with some located on top of the bar and other newer models on the underside of the bar for convenience. Friction based shifters require the rider to manually adjust the cable in order to shift gears up or down, whereas newer models have indexed slots where each click of the gear shifter moves an exact length of cable, which is equivalent to a single gear shift.

Twist grip shifters

Twist grip shifters have been developed for use on mountain bikes. The shifter is placed over the handlebar and serves as the rider's handgrip. The rider must twist it either forwards or backwards to change gears up or down. Mountain bikers generally prefer this type of shifter as it allows them to move gears up and down without removing a hand from the handlebars. In doing so, they could potentially lose control of the bike and have an accident. Mountain bikers must react quickly and have the strength needed to keep the bicycle upright. Shimano twist shifters help the rider to do this while offering a lightweight and comfortable design.