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Bicycle Stands and Storage

Bicycle riding is a growing pastime and exercise, and an energy-efficient way to travel. If you are a business owner, you should invest in bicycle stands and storage at the front of your store. Now one of the most popular ways to take a short trip around town, people depend on you to keep their bicycle safe and secure while they eat, drink and relax in your cafe or shop.

When people aren’t riding their bikes, the worst thing they can do is leave it on the ground until its next use. From scratches to dirt or even theft, the bike will lose its functionality and eventually deteriorate if not looked after properly. Your solution is to opt for bicycle stands and storage. There are many different types of bike racks: from freestanding or securely attached to the ground, outdoor bike racks are often used in commercial areas while indoor bicycle stands and storage are commonly used for private bicycle parking.

The most important factors regarding bicycle stands and storage include durability, appearance, weather resistance, and functionality. The 1-2 Bike Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand is ideal for small spaces or for those rare customers who arrive by bike. With easy push button quick release separation, it’s the no-fuss bicycle stand. For something that can cater to more individuals, opt for the 1-4 Bike Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand. All of these products can be bought in multiples so as to combine into sets of four or eight bike units. 

You can shop by type – unicycle stand, floor stand, wall mount and storage hook – or by price and brand. Buy outright or try your luck with a bid – shop for bicycle stands and storage online at eBay today.