Bicycle Trailers

Bicycle Trailers

Thinking about putting a trailer on the back of that bike? Bike trailers provide a great way to get out and about with the kids - without taking the car. But, while they may come in all shapes and sizes - with a whole heap of different attachments - not all bike trailers are created equal. Before investing in a bicycle trailer, there are plenty of factors to consider, including safety, durability, comfort and functionality.

Selecting a Bicycle Trailer

First up, size. There are single and double bike trailers, but not all of them provide the same amount of space inside. Well-designed trailers offer plenty of room inside, while still providing a sleek design outside. When it comes to size, its also worthwhile thinking about comfort. Lower end bike trailers offer strap seats that may sag over time, so the kids inside end up sitting squashed together. Higher quality trailers offer proper bench seats that are more comfortable and durable.

On the subject of durability, lets talk about materials. Again, there is a big difference between low-end and high-end trailers, with the higher end models utilising better materials that stand the test of time. This can also assist with weatherproofing, helping to protect riders from the elements. As for functionality, buyers should think about storage, looking at how compact the trailer is when its folded up.

Lastly, there is functionality. Some bike trailers convert into a pram for everyday use, or to use as a jogging pram. Its worth bearing in mind that trailers that convert simply by adding a wheel up front can be difficult to steer, so choosing a full four wheel conversion may be a better idea. Time to compare? With a great range of bikes, bike trailers and bicycle accessories, eBay is the place to go to find everything from kids bikes to bicycle helmets. Time to explore that great outdoors!