Bicycle Transport Cases & Bags

Bicycle Transport Cases and Bags

Bicycle transport cases and bags are a great idea for commuters and travellers that want safe, convenient and easy storage for their bicycle. Bicycle bags come in a range of sizes and configurations to suit all needs. When choosing between a bike bag or bike box, it is ultimately a personal decision. Some people prefer a lightweight case, whilst others prefer the heavy duty protection that a box provides. You can shop from a wide range of bike bags and cases which each offer different features and cater to all budgets.

Types of Bike Bags and Cases

There are two different types of bike bags: hard and soft. If you are a light traveller then you might prefer the soft case, as they are affordable, compact and offer excellent padding protection for your bike. A hard case or box provides heavy duty protection for your bike, so it is great if you want to take your bike on extended trips or into harsh environments. They provide better protection against accidental damage and sudden impacts. Some bags even have inflatable walls inside them, which adds an extra layer of protection. You will need to consider whether you value a lightweight, space saving design or whether a heavy duty, bulkier bag will suit your needs better. If you will be travelling in wet environments, you should consider a water resistance bicycle transport case or bag.

Ease of Transport

Bicycles are not always lightweight, and they can be cumbersome to travel with. A bike bag or case improves ergonomics and makes it easier to travel with your bike. When shopping for a bicycle bag look for a bicycle transport case with wheels and handles. Wheels make it easier to move the bag around during transit, and handles help to ensure a secure grip when you need to pick it up. Some bags may even have dual straps, giving you the option to carry the bike on your back.

Sizing of Bike Bags

You should always ensure that the bag you are interested in is big enough to fit your bike. Keep in mind that additions to your bike such as integrated seatposts or extra suspension may impact upon your decision. It is better to have some extra room than not have enough, so take accurate measurements of your bike and compare these with the specifications of the box or bag you are interested in. Bike bags are designed to carry bikes with their wheels removed, and you might also need to remove other parts as well.

Common Usage Cases for Bike Bags and Cases

Whilst it is possible to travel without a case, most serious cyclists use a bike bag/case when they are travelling via airplane, or if they need to ship their bicycle to a destination. Bags and cases help to protect your investment from damage by keeping everything neat and secure in the most compact form possible. They also help to free up space in your vehicle for other items.