Bicycle Tyre Tubes

Bicycle Tubes

Bicycle tubes, or inner tubes, are an important component of nearly all bicycles. These tubes hold air and keep bike tyres inflated. These bicycle parts come in a variety of different styles, depending on the type of bike. Some of them also have special features designed to increase the overall speed of the bike, or reduce the likelihood of getting a flat tyre. With so many to choose from, you can find those that suit your individual needs.

Mountain Bike Tubes

Mountain bike tubes are designed to survive rides over rugged terrain. Many of them feature self-sealing technology. This is generally a liquid adhesive inside the tube that fills and seals any punctures that the tube may receive. For those looking for something even more durable, there are also solid mountain bike tubes available. These are made of solid rubber and they never need to be inflated. They are heavier than standard tubes, but they are durable enough to survive riding in nearly any environment.

Racing Road Bike Tubes

Racing road bike tubes are mainly designed for maximum speed. These tubes are typically very lightweight with thinner material than other types of tubes. Because road bike tyres are almost always very thin, these tubes feature a slim profile that complements this shape.

BMX Bike Tubes

BMX bike tubes are designed to withstand impacts caused by doing stunts or jumps. Many of these tubes feature reinforced, or dual layer, rubber. They are designed to be lightweight as well as resilient so that you can still pick up plenty of speed. Some of these tubes feature self-sealing liquid inside of them.

Kids' Bike Tubes

Kids' bike tubes are specifically sized to fit the smaller wheels of kids' bikes. There are standard, dual-layer and solid inner tubes available in kids' bike sizes. You can find them with a Presta valve or a Schrader valve.