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Bicycle Workstands

If you're doing your own bicycle repair work, a bicycle workstand can be extremely useful to hold your bike at a comfortable working height, keep it stable and store your bicycle tools while you carry out certain tasks. Select from bicycle bench-mount repair workstands that can be assembled as required, as well as permanent wall-mount repair stands.

Tube Clamping Workstands

The most common type of bicycle workstand is a tube clamping model, which is designed to grab either the frame tube or hold onto the seat post. Aside from super-light and aero frames that aren't ideal for securely clamping in this way, tube clamping workstands are a good choice for most cyclists. They allow you to do all of your work with both wheels mounted with easy height adjustment options and quick-release clamps.

Axle/Bottom Bracket Mount Workstands

If you don't mind having to remove one of the wheels to do your work, you can opt for an axle/bottom bracket mount workstand. These are favoured on pro touring races as they allow the mechanic to easily spin the bicycle and access all areas. Axle/bottom bracket mount workstands are fairly compact and they can handle a lot of force being exerted on tight bolts and stuck bottom brackets.

Bench-Mount Bicycle Workstands

You can also find fixed bench-mount bicycle repair stands that are relatively economical and are a stable option for heavy-duty jobs. Rotating heads make them easy to use, although you won't have the ability to adjust the height. It's also important to mount them in just the right position to avoid your pedals hitting the bench.

Wall-Mount Bicycle Workstands

If you want a permanent bicycle repair stand but don't have the bench space available, consider a wall-mount bike repair stand. They are great for heavy-duty jobs, like replacing bottom brackets, and are easy to use by clamping onto your top tube or seat post. You'll be able to adjust the height across a limited range, although they usually come without a plate for your bicycle maintenance tools.

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