From rare to modern with Bigsby

Bigsby was acquired by a close family friend, and owner of Gretsch Guitars in 1999. This coalition have continued to manufacture the classic Bigsby vibratos and bridges, using the same original methods, and smooth metal die-cast format.

The Brigsby brand has six vibrato models on the market. All hand assembled, the tailpieces continue to be used across world-renowned brands such as Fender, Gibson, Guild, Rickenbacker, Ibanez, and Yamaha. Now thats impressive. Bigsby are now manufacturing an additional line, Bigsby Licensed. A true family feeling, Bigsby guitar accessories are a brand you can trust.

Bigsby vibratos

This tailpiece is a premium vibrato for electric guitars. Bigsby are proud to be the first brand to produce this accessory, which is now known worldwide as the whammy bar. Youll see Bigsby vibratos built in during the factory manufacturing of many major guitars with top brands.

Working in conjunction with a rocker bridge, the Bigsby is attached to the metal bar, where the strings are then installed. The Bigsby can be controlled in delicacy, with small movements. This highly controllable accessory doesnt need much to give a lot, recommended to musicians using slow, subtle bends. Bend the pitch of notes, or even whole chords with this accessory. Allow your music to flourish with new sounds by experimenting today.

Try out the classic B5 aluminium model, or treat yourself to a gold-plated B5G.

Bigsby guitars

Extremely special and rare, Bigsby produced a very limited number of prototype guitars. Using designs from the original Bigsby founder, the acoustic guitars are limited edition, unique, collectors items. Many of the prototypes have a flat, maple top with amber finish.

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