Bicycle Maintenance Tools

Like all transport medians that deteriorate from wear and tear, it is essential to have bicycle maintenance tools on standby so that when the inevitable problems show up, you're prepared to deal with them. Whether they be some of the more fundamental items, like bicycle lubrication and cleaning equipment and bicycle tyre puncture repair equipment or tools for minor dints, you will find that the more worn your bike becomes, the more these items come in handy.


Perhaps the most fundamental tool for bicycle repairs is the pump. Especially when used frequently, bike tyres will always wear out and require weekly pumps that will put them at just the right pressure so that you're not pedalling harder than you should. On the side of your bike, there will be a label stating the pounds per square inch recommendations, which will guide you toward how much to pump for optimal performance.

Torque Wrench

The torque wrench is a tool that is used for many purposes aside from bicycle repairs, though it has an absolute essential role in keeping bikes safe for use by adjusting the tightness of nuts and bolts. Due to the delicacy of bikes and the risk of bolts snapping, it is essential that you attain the correct wrench. When purchasing your bike from the manufacturer, ensure you enquire about this and you will either obtain a preset torque wrench or a click torque wrench that has assorted ends for different sizes.

Chain Breaker

Depending on your bike, chain breakers are extremely handy when your bicycle uses one, especially if you just bought a new chain, which almost always isn't the right length for your bike. Rare but crucial to anticipate, chains can become faulty on long bike rides. The breaker will allow you to separate the chain in an orderly way that won't damage the tool's purpose whatsoever, which cannot be said for other means of breaking.

Cable Cutters

Cable cutters will handle several friction issues, which tend to be the cause of many negative effects for which riders go to service shops. These will always be available with the bike brand you buy from and are highly recommended to purchase for both time and saving money long-term when it comes to bicycle maintenance. Depending on your ride usage, the amount of money that can be saved from using this tool cannot be understated, and is essential to own with your own bike.