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Bikes for Women

Women’s Bicycles

As US president JFK once said, “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike”. The wind and fresh air on your face and the pure physical enjoyment of propelling forward under your own pedal power truly is a delight. If you are buying a bike to replace an old favourite, or looking for one to rediscover biking pleasures of earlier days, there are a few things to consider.

Bike “Fit”

It is vital to find a bike that is the right “fit” for you. First off, is the right type and style for where you will be riding. Features to consider are the frame and wheel sizes, so how far the reach is to handlebars, gears, pedals and the ground. Do you want straight handlebars to sit upright, and or ones that curve or are lower? Think about whether you want a “step through” bike, or cross bar frame where you raise your leg over the back of the bike to get seated and ready to ride.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are a marriage between a traditional road bike and a mountain bike. They will take you around town, on your work commute, and on light off-road excursions. Hybrids bikes have a wider tyre width and tread to handle a little light gravel and dirt, and get you along asphalt smoothly. They usually have upright handlebars, which is also a good position for your back, wrists and shoulders.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are the billy-goat-bike of the extended bicycle family. These bikes are for off-road trails, whizzing along forest floors, and uphill and down dale. Constructed of tough materials, they have powerful brakes, and thick tyre treads to give good traction. They are also a favourite with inner city couriers to handle potholes and curbs in the urban jungle.

Road or Racing Bikes

Womens road bikes and racing bicycles are best for speed and distance. They are lightweight and aerodynamically designed so you, and the bike, move like the wind. Road and racing bikes are for you if you are into bicycle racing, riding around town or between towns, or keen on other road events.

Cruiser Bikes

Womens cruiser bicycles are just as the name suggests, cruisy! These sturdy and durable bikes are awesome for a relaxing meandering ride, especially along the beach. Bigger balloon tyres make them easy to ride at your own comfortable pace.

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