Get your kids outside and active from an early age with a kids balance bike available right here on eBay. A balance bike is a training bike that helps to teach children how to balance and steer. With no pedals or drivetrain, your kid can get used to the bike without the complications of a chain.

Balance bikes are typically made from metal or wood. Sometimes they are standard bikes with the pedals and other moving parts removed, or they may be purpose built, which typically will be what you find in eBay's fun range of kids balance bikes. Some kids balance bikes will have hand activated brakes.

What to look for when buying a kids balance bike
To function correctly, the balance bike must be small enough that your child can place their feet on the ground and “walk” the bike while sitting on the seat. Typically, your kid will first walk the bike while standing, then will sit and walk the bike, and then will move on to running and scooting, and finally, your child will progress to lifting both feet off the ground to cruise on two wheels. The aim is that your child learns to balance and steer first, without the complications of pedalling. They also won't become dependent on training wheels.

What if your child is too young for a balance bike?
If you don't think your child is old enough for a kids balance bike yet, then check out eBay's range of ride on toys or building toys, perfect to keep your child entertained and busy until they grow into a kids balance bike. Available in a huge variety of styles, colours, designs, and heights, buying a kids balance bike is exceptionally easy online as you're able to compare models from the comfort of your home.

Find great balance bikes and other children's toys here on eBay, and have your kids cycling the great outdoors before you know it!