Bioflow for you and your pet

Bioflow offers magnetic therapy through natural, non-invasive products. With their master understanding of magnet technology, along with their passion to develop innovative tech, Bioflow has become a world leader in magnet therapy products.

Magnetic therapy offers an alternative medicine to help with pain. Static magnets are used to help to realign, and target pain, sending non-invasive magnetic waves through the body. This method is considered to provide a strong, multi-purpose force of magnetism. Founded in 1991, Bioflow hit the market and began producing their famous silicone bracelets, and pet collars with a patented technology.

Magnetic bracelets and wristbands

The Bioflow range is suitable for everyday use, and also for specific sports usage. Unisex Bioflow bracelets, and wristbands are available in a range of styles. From gold plated, to simple stainless steel, Bioflow wants you to feel like you are wearing your favourite bracelet that just so happens to offer magnetic therapy. Also available in classic leather, or canvas looks.

Launched in 2017, sports specific bands are being used in a range of sporting professions. Silicone bands are perfect for waterproof solutions, designed specifically for athletes, and active people who are looking for a way to boost their performance.

Shop for wristbands, and wider bands for targeted pain relief. These bands can be placed around your upper arms, legs or waist. Versatile bands offer you a range of usage options so that you can use your bands any time, for any pain.

Magnetic pet products

Its difficult to know what to do when your pet is in pain. Magnetic therapy can be a great way to offer natural pain relief for your pets. From your horse to your dog, or cat, Bioflow offers a range of pet accessories. Magnetic pet collars, and horse rugs or boots contain powerful central reverse polarity magnets, designed to be both comfortable, and effective for your pet.

Bioflow magnetic therapy devices are considered to be a great way of minimising conditions such as arthritis in a non-intrusive, holistic manner and therefore has become a trusted brand by many in Australia and worldwide.