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Bioré Sunscreens

Block the burn with Bioré sunscreen

Bioré sunscreen has risen to cult status in recent years thanks to a growing following of impressed users and beauty experts sharing their high praise of the products online. Hailing from Japan – a country considered expert in developing sun protection skincare – Bioré sunscreen combines protective health benefits with a popular formulation that users are loving. Shop the range here on eBay.

High protection levels

Most importantly for a sunscreen, Biorés products offer your skin the highest grade of protection from the suns harmful UV rays. Many boast an impressive PA++++ UVA rating, which helps to guard against skin damage and premature ageing, while high SPF UVB levels also offer protection against burning. Not only that, but the waterproof formula means you can worry less about having to wait to jump in the pool or reapply the second you step out of the water.

Suitable for all skin types

Another reason why Biorés sun protection products are so highly regarded is because of the unique formulation. The Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50 Sunscreen features a smooth, gel-like consistency which suits all skin types. Not only does it provide essential moisture and hydration, but it has been particularly praised by people who suffer with congested skin and acne due to its fragrance-free and oil absorbing qualities.

Unlike traditional types on sunscreen lotion which can be thick – leading to the unpleasant (and not-to-mention unflattering) white cast look – Biorés sunscreen applies easily and absorbs quickly thanks to the lightweight, water-rich consistency. This leaves you without that unpleasant sticky, greasy feeling and also means you can pop your clothes on straight away or lie down on your towel without discomfort.

Easy to apply

On eBay you can shop a range of Biorés sunscreen products for the face, body, or both. You can also select from different applicator types such as the tube variety, which is great for all users. Alternatively, you can opt for the spray bottle, a more practical option if you have kids as it enables quicker application across wider areas of skin.