Popular Biotherm Products

Biotherm for beautiful skin

From the depths of the ocean, Biotherm offers aquatic skincare ranges to the mass market. Deeply passionate about preserving the beautiful oceans, the Water Lovers ethos of Biotherm commits to maintaining the Earth's water, and sea life alongside the production of their products.

The brand's skincare products originate from the simple use of mineral water. In the early 20th century, this was combined with waters containing thermal plankton. It has since been discovered that plankton may just hold the secret to healthy skin, and anti-ageing skincare. Thus, Biotherm was born.

Face products

From cleaners to lip, and eye creams, Biotherm offers a huge range of face products. Try out the anti-ageing Blue Therapy product. The Lift & Blur range offers instant correction of blurs on the face, with lifting qualities. The cream is said to help with irregularities in the skin, which will contribute to a more youthful look.

If you're after a quality makeup remover, shop for options for both normal to dry skin. Biosource Milk is a cleansing, lightly scented milk used to remove your makeup. This is proven to rebalance the skin after wearing makeup, and contribute to keeping your skin in its best condition.

Body products

Biotherm offers hand moisturiser, body lotion, stretch mark healing cream, and much more as part of their body collection. Body Refirm is suggested for use before, during, and after pregnancy, and of course during any other time in a woman's life. Known for its smooth application, this body oil firms the skin, and aids healing through big changes in the body.

If you're after a simple moisturiser, the EAU Relax is just that. Try out the orange, bergamot and cardamom essences.

Sun products

Biotherm offer great sun products that are kind to the skin. Huge selections are available for both sun cream, after-sun healing and self tanning. Sun protection is a pivotal part of keeping a fresh appearance, so Biotherm offer different ranges for your body, and face.