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Keeping Tweety Happy

Birds can make great pets. They're smart, they're cute, and they quickly become part of the family. For anyone looking to buy their first bird - or expand their brood - investing in a high quality bird cage is essential. Not only will that cage provide a home for the bird, giving it the comfort and stimulation it needs day-to-day, it should also prevent it from flying away and getting lost.

Buying a Bird Cage

Buying a bird cage or bird aviary means taking into account several important factors, the most important of which is safety. Family pets rely on their owners to keep them safe and secure, and for birds, that means having a bird cage that is safe to hang out in. Think about size, and how much space the cage provides for the bird to fly around in. Bear in the mind the size of the bird, the species of bird, and how many birds will be kept in the cage at any one time.

Before buying, it can be a good idea to think about the placement of the cage as well. Will the cage be kept indoors or outdoors? How much space is actually available? Measure the area - remembering to measure the height of the space too - to ensure the cage will fit easily. This is a good time to think about materials. If the bird cage is to sit outside, it will need to be durable enough to suit the climate.

Now to the aesthetics. Most bird owners don't want their new cage to be an eyesore. Consider what the cage looks like, how well it fits the backyard space if it's placed outside, and how well it fits the interior design if it's placed inside. When it's time to compare the options, eBay is the place to be to find the best in pet supplies . Check out the array of bird cages in a range of styles and sizes, to find the perfect option to keep Tweety happy. Need a bird feeder ? eBay has that covered too!