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Bird Feeders

Become the bird whisperer of the neighborhood. Bird feeders are a great way to attract wild birds to your yard. Don't be surprised if you wake up one morning to the sound of song and fluttering wings in the backyard. In addition to keeping the migrating bird's belly full, feeders are a great decorative item. Stock your cabinets with plenty of bird supplies, so you never run out of food.

Feed the Chicks

Feeders don't just include the ones for flying fowl. If you are raising your own poultry, an automatic chicken feeder provides a protected way to feed your little chicks. The basic design is that the lid opens when the chickens step on the platform, and it closes once the weight is gone. Another option is to use a gravity-fed container.

Feed 'Em Low

Bird feeders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. There are those that have a base and sit on the ground and others that hang from a shepherd's hook. This means that just because you don't have a tree in your yard doesn't mean you can't feed the birds.

Feed 'Em High

Flying birds love to find food high in a tree. Use a hanging bird feeder and attach it to a branch to bring in the flying creatures. Don't forget to use a feeder that will allow the birds to eat but keep other tree dwellers out.

Inside Birds Need a Feeding System Too

Pet birds need to be fed too. An easy way to keep food available for your feather babies is to use a set or two of feeder cups with swing gates. Having the ability to swing out the bowls when it's time to refill means you don't have to open the door and stick your hand in the cage, which can be frightening for younger birds that are still learning to trust you. A happy bird is a singing bird.