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Hours of fun with a range of toys for birds

Birds are clever little animals who love plenty of interaction and stimulation. From rope toys for your bird's perch to swings and ladders, watch your pet have hours of fun with the perfect toys and bird supplies on eBay.

Toys for large birds

Larger pet birds like parrots would benefit from longer rope ladders and toys to keep them occupied and having fun, especially if you're not around in the day. Made from safe, non-toxic materials like plastic, wood and stainless steel, there are all sorts of different styles and designs to choose from.

Larger birds are likely to spend a lot of time out of their cage so it's worth considering a fun variety of perches too, which are able to attach to a variety of places in your home.

Toys for medium birds

For medium size pet birds who spend a fair amount of time in their cages, keeping them mentally stimulated is very important. A bored pet may show signs of distress, such as repetitive behaviour or pulling out their feathers.

So why not keep them occupied with a foraging coconut filled with treats like fruit or veggies to encourage your bird's natural foraging instincts. Add a bell or mirror bird toy to the cage and your pet can look at pretty Polly all day long.

Toys for small birds

Smaller size birds such as budgies and finches are very active and bird toys are a brilliant way to keep them entertained. Tiny hanging bells and bird hammocks come in a wide range of colours and designs and look seriously cute too.

You can also encourage foraging with an acrylic bird feeder attached to the side of your pet's cage filled with seed or you can even now get edible perches.