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Birkenstocks are definitely classic and well-known footwear. Much beloved by the hippie culture of the 1960s and 1970s, the brand has become known for its focus on producing high quality footwear in an environmentally and socially sustainable way. And it takes this reputation seriously, constantly reworking and improving production, packaging, and distribution methods to take advantage of new technologies and to limit its environmental footprint… while supporting your feet! It also has a repair facility available, so that broken shoes can be fixed and put back into service, instead of going into landfill.

Birkenstock Boots for Women

While the brand is best known for its sandals, it also produces some great boot styles that are perfect for Australian conditions. Many of its boot styles have a wide toe box to allow the balls and toes of your feet to spread out as you transfer your weight from heel to toe while you walk. This provides you with maximum stability and minimises injuries by allowing the foot to flex naturally. You can find Birkenstock boots for hiking, walking, and fashion. They all offer an unusual degree of comfort and support, but they also look great.

Birkenstock Men’s Shoes

Birkenstock men’s styles range from the classic open flip flop sandals to closed lace-up and slip-on shoes. You’ll find styles suitable for casual wear, hiking and walking, as well as office wear. If you spend a lot of your day on your feet, Birkenstock lace up and clog styles might just be perfect for you, with removable, washable foam inserts that support your feet while inhibiting odours. The non-slip soles are perfect for people working in slippery or unstable working conditions, and are much in demand from chefs, nurses, and a host of other professionals needing no-nonsense comfortable footwear.

Birkenstock Sandals for Men

The ultimate in cool comfort, Birkenstock sandals are a popular choice for Australian summers. The thong and slip-on styles are easy to throw on for a day at the beach or a light bush walk, and the arch support and comfort soles help you to avoid throwing in the towel because your feet hurt. Back strap models like the Milano have a dressier profile and a more stable wearing experience, typically offering the ability to loosen and tighten sandal straps to achieve a tight, comfortable fit that won’t slide or chafe.

Birkenstock Suede Sandals for Women

Suede is a beautifully soft and textured leather that is perfect for sandals. While it requires a little more upkeep than other leathers, it rewards that effort with unparalleled comfort and style for years and years of wear. Birkenstock make a lovely selection of suede open and closed toe sandals, perfect for spring and summer outfits. They range from casual to dressier styles, some with ornamentation like diamantes or embroidery. You’ll also find some of the classic Birkenstock sandals with a suede footbed, offering a smoothly luxurious experience for your feet.

Birkenstock Women’s Slippers

All of Birkenstock’s slip-on shoe styles are handy for use as house slippers, as they’re quick to put on, comfortable, and easy to kick off before bed. However, Birkenstock also offer a range of mules designed for use in the house, and these – with many featuring wool or suede uppers – offer an extra level of comfort and coziness that make them perfect for relaxing after a hard day’s work.

Birkenstock Upper Materials

Birkenstock uses a wide range of materials in the uppers of its shoes. Oiled leather and suede is popular, however the brand also offers options suitable for vegetarians and vegans looking for cruelty-free footwear. One popular choice is Birko Flor, a synthetic leather unique to Birkenstock that is flexible and easy to care for. 

Birko Felt is similar to wool feel in texture and warmth, but is made from synthetic materials. You’ll also find fabric uppers, often sewn or bonded to leather or faux leather for strength, made from cotton, linen, canvas, and synthetic blends. For people who need a sandal that will stand up to salt and freshwater alike, Birkenstock offer EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) uppers and footbeds that are water, oil, and grease resistant.

Birkenstock Footbed Materials

The traditional Birkenstock footbed is made from cork and lined with suede for comfort and lasting support. However, Birkenstock has come up with a number of innovative options to suit almost anyone. Its vegan footbed also uses the classic molded cork, but is lined with microfibre to provide a similar level of comfort without the use of animal products. EVA footbeds are synthetic, free of animal products, and are both lightweight and flexible – good for people with high arches who need some extra ‘give’ in their shoes. Supergrip soles use the classic cork footbed, but add a professional grade non-slip sole that’s durable and handy for people who work in wet or uncertain conditions.

Birkenstock Sizing

Birkenstock tends to size a little smaller than other brands. It’s well worth measuring your feet to make sure you get the perfect fit, especially since the brand tailors its footwear to different widths as well as lengths. Stand upright, with your weight spread across both feet. Have another person measure each foot from the back of the heel to the tip of your longest toe. Then add a centimetre – this is to give your foot room to move and flex as you walk. 

Next, have your foot measured from side to side at its widest point. This is usually below the toes on the ball of the foot. Now that you have these two key measurements, check the item listing or the Birkenstock website to get your ideal size. Pick a style that suits the width of your foot, but also be aware that the location of the widest part of your foot can affect the fit – if you have a wide heel, for example, look for styles where the heel doesn’t narrow down as much.