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Bitdefender offers multi-layer ransomware protection and remediation that detects behavioral threats to prevent infections to your system. It also includes parental control which provides digital help to parents and extra online safety to children. Bit defender is a leading global cybersecurity company protecting homes and businesses of all sizes worldwide. Perfect for your personal set-up or for businesses of any size, you systems and information are safe with Bitdefender. 

Bitdefender security software gives you 4-in-1 security for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android along with optimized speed and cross-platform performance with comprehensive support 24/7. Bitdefender consistently scores the best protection in malware detection tests which are run by independent labs. Network threat prevention adds an adaptive layer of protection to prevent exploitation of vulnerabilities in your system while detecting and blocking brute-force attempts. Your devices will not be compromised in botnet attacks, and they will be safe from sensitive information being sent in unencrypted forms. 

The best protection comes from Bitdefender Anti-virus and Security Software offers optimised speed and the best cross-platform performance along with complete protection of your online privacy and personal information. 

With Bitdefender you have multiple layers of protection against ransomware and behavioral threat detection to prevent infections, protecting your data from ransomware encryption. Don't risk your sensitive information by leaving it unprotected against the constantly evolving world of cyber-crime. Bitdefender is a remediation layer that ensures data is protected against any kind of ransomware attack and you can find it for the best price on eBay today.