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Black Bookshelves

Brighten up your den while making a style statement with a bold black bookshelf. Useful for storing and organising books and magazines in an orderly manner within reach, bookshelves also inject an interesting flair into your office or home's decor.


Place a bookseat-style bookshelf in the children's playroom to nurture a reading culture without taking up additional space, while a tall and slender rack or tower bookshelf looks right at home in a large room. Use one or many bookcase bookshelves to display your vast book collection beautifully in a library, or take advantage of the numerous storage spaces on cube storage bookshelves to store children's shoes, toys, or craft essentials for a project.


Slot the space-saving corner unit bookshelf into your bookworm son's bedroom so he can have his treasured book at hand without taking up floor space. Floating and wall-mountable bookshelves go one better as they don't take up any floor space at all, and take advantage of storage spaces that are often overlooked. Bookshelf cabinets with lockable doors secure your books and keep them concealed and free of dust.


Invest in sturdily-constructed wood, wood veneers, plywood, and metal bookshelves for strength and durability over time. Modern all-glass or metal-framed glass wears well when treated with care, while durable acrylic bookshelves resist corrosion and are lightweight enough to use for floating bookshelves. The easy-to-clean bookshelves with a laminate finish are perfect for children's rooms as they resist both stains and scratches.

Not Just for Books

Exploit the impact of bookshelves in a pure, undiluted black for the display of intriguing items in place of books, such as framed pictures of your loved ones, thought-provoking art sculptures and carvings, as well as that bonsai plant you're trying not to grow. Open-shelved etageres turn display dishes and small art pieces into showpieces that you can see from either end.