Get adventuring with Black Diamond on eBay 

If you're heading out into the great outdoors to explore or adventure, do it safely with Black Diamond. Known for their premium quality and award-winning products, Black Diamond Equipment is a reputable manufacturer of climbing, skiing and mountain sports equipment, based in Utah, USA. 

Need a reliable way to see in the dark? Depend on Black Diamond headlamps. Whether you're heading out on an early morning patrol, a night-time trail run or a long climbing missions, Black Diamond has something for everyone. Find exactly what you need on eBay with an extensive range of Black Diamond products at prices you can't say no to. 

There's plenty to choose from, including the powerful Diamond Spot 325. The Diamond Spot 325 headlamp offers 325 lumens of light for ultimate vision. With PowerTap technology, it can easily be adjusted for full and dimmed power, depending on your needs at any given moment. This innovative headlamp also features several mode options including red night vision mode, a brightness memory and an enhanced multifaceted optical lens design that prolongs your battery life. it's waterproof up to 1.1 metres for thirty minutes and the compact design takes three AAA batteries which can easily be replaced on the go. The Diamond Spot 325 headlamp is also super comfy so you can wear it for hours on end without even noticing it's there. 

You'll also find other premium quality Black Diamond equipment for men and women on eBay, including sturdy and reliable trekking poles and walking sticks. There's also Black Diamond climbing gear at great prices on eBay, like the Black Diamond Momentum climbing harness. A popular choice for all-round use, this climbing harness is designed to save time and eliminate error. It has an extra comfortable waistband, four gear loops and adjustable trakFIT leg loops. 

Find the best bargain on Black Diamond headlamps and outdoor equipment here on eBay and make sure you're seeing clearly and travelling safely whatever your mission.