Black Sideboards and Buffets

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Black Sideboards and Buffets

Almost every home has a sideboard or buffet in it somewhere, and you can find these versatile pieces of furniture in just about any room. Sideboards and buffets are generally terms that describe pieces of furniture that features a flat display or surface atop of cabinets, cupboards or doors. With the earliest variations dating to the 18th century, they are still popular home goods and come in new, used, vintage, and antique conditions.

What Features Does A Sideboard or Buffet Have?

No two sideboards or buffets are the same, and whether you have a new piece or antique one youll find they all come with different features. Commonly, these pieces of furniture come with a few obvious features:

  • Hardwood construction: Common materials for making sideboards include oak, mahogany, and pine.
  • Storage areas: Sideboards have numerous spaces for storage include cabinets and drawers, usually located underneath the top surface.
  • Decorative designs: Both new and old buffets feature some form of design, whether its carved into the wood or with ornate handles and drawers.

Which Rooms of the House Will They Suit?

Traditionally, sideboards and buffets were for serving food, however today they serve more of a decorative purpose. Here are some areas of the home where they might suit best:

  • Kitchen/Dining: Using a buffet for its traditional purpose in the kitchen or dining room can help you prepare and serve food.
  • Bedroom: Some people like to use a decorative sideboard in the bedroom to store clothing, jewellery, and more.
  • Entry/Hallway: A black sideboard or buffet would be a dramatic statement piece for the hallway or entry of the home and a place to keep keys, wallets, and sunglasses.

The Benefits of Black Furniture

When decorating your house, its important to find a colour that will work well with the rest of your furniture. Choosing a black sideboard or buffet is one way to benefit from everything that this colour brings to a space:

  • Versatile: Because black works well with most colour schemes theres no need to worry if your buffet will fit in.
  • Easy to keep clean: Black furniture hides dirt and dust quite well so its one of the easier colours to maintain.
  • Stand out piece: Black is usually quite a dramatic statement to make with furniture so having a black sideboard would be a centrepiece in the home.