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Black Skin Masks

Black Face Masks

You may have seen the latest videos of people trying black face masks to cleanse and purify their skin. Many masks specifically treat blackheads as well. If youre interested in trying one for yourself, there are many different ones to choose from. Just take a look and decide on the benefits you want. As with all skin care items, test new products on a small patch of skin first to ensure you wont have any negative reactions. You can always order sample size black masks to test them out first.

Charcoal or Carbon: Just Peel It Off

Many of the black face masks use activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon. Activated charcoal has been used by medical professionals for centuries to prevent ingested poisons from being absorbed by the body. Now, you can find it in everyday products from tooth powder to supplements. When used in face masks, it also binds to and then removes impurities on the skin. It is better for people with acne or oily skin as the charcoal binds to the oils.

Not Just for Women

Face masks might have a reputation for being geared toward women, but that is not necessarily the case. In fact, black face masks are not just for women anymore. If you are shopping for a lad, many feature activated charcoal to remove blackheads and help oily skin, whether in women or men.

Exfoliant and Purifier in One

Black face masks that use activated charcoal also bind to your skin, resulting in needing to peel it off. A secondary result is that it also pulls of a very small amount of the top layer of your skin as well. Its essentially a mask that removes excess oils, blackheads and other dirt on your skin and exfoliates all in one session. Since youre looking for a purifier, why not look for masks free of harmful chemicals as well? For example, formaldehyde-free black masks are available.

Less Mess With Sheet Masks

In addition to the black masks you apply from a tube, you can also find sheet masks. These come in a sachet and unfold into a paper-like mask you apply to your face. You can then remove these pre-cut and pre-soaked masks in one go as well.

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