Black Toner Cartridges for Samsung

Black Toner Cartridge for Samsung

When you want your prints to look their best use a toner cartridge for the Samsung model you own. The majority of your copies will be in black, but if your machine can handle colour, you will need a separate cartridge. Laser printing uses dry ink (plastic powder) to print, unlike the liquid ink used in inkjet printers. The biggest advantage is that if toner gets wet after printing it will not bleed like regular ink. Relevant documents stay safe and ready for your next presentation.

Model Specific

You will need to know the part number in order to get a compatible Samsung toner. You can look at the empty cartridge you take out of the printer and get the number off it, or you can search by the manufacturers name and the model number of the printer, copier or fax to find which toner is going to fit your equipment.

Brand or Unbranded

Whether or not you choose to use a nonbranded or a genuine Samsung black ink printer cartridges is a matter of personal preference. The print quality is pretty much the same although some users say the OEM product is the best. However, if you choose to use a compatible brand, double check to make sure it fits your copier.

Keep an Extra

Always keep an extra Samsung printer cartridge on hand. Nobody wants to be in the middle of large printing job only to realise there isnt enough ink to finish. The product has a long shelf life, so there are no worries that the toner will dry up or not be usable when the need arises.

High-Yield Option

Check the label. Many models offer a higher-yield than others, which will save you money over time because you will be getting more prints per cartridge, thus making the cost per copy less.