Black Window Curtains & Drapes

Black Window Curtains 

Black window curtains offer a sleek and dramatic look for your home or business and a great way to keep the heat and glare of the sun out. Whether youre shopping for a sheer look, a decorative curtain or something lined for thermal protection, there is a huge range of black window curtains to choose from. There are different options for the curtain heading, each giving a different look to the room, including eyelet curtains and pleated headings.  

Blackout Curtains and Thermal Lining  

To keep your home cool and free from the harsh rays of the sun, blackout curtains offer a great solution in any room of your house. Thermal lining curtains can improve energy efficiency in the home and improve insulation so they offer more than just a stylish window treatment. Both of these options use a thicker liner that keeps the sun from penetrating them to give a darkening effect to your home.  

Black Sheer Curtains 

Black sheer curtains are more about creating a style effect in your home on a window or door, and they can either pair with regular drapes or work on their own. These thin styles of window curtains are usually from delicate fabric choices like lace or mesh that let the breeze in and theyre ideal for rooms of the house where the natural sunlight is wanted.  

Lined and Unlined Styles  

Black window curtains come in either lined or unlined styles, each with their own benefits to your home. A lined window curtain is usually thicker and can keep more of the light and heat out, but other times the lining is purely decorative. An unlined black window curtain is more lightweight and generally easier to install, so it depends on what your home needs.  

Different Curtain Heading Options  

There are many options to choose from in the heading for your black window curtains, all with varying needs for installation and different impacts on how theyre used. Some popular choices include eyelets, pleated, tab-top and rod-pocket, with the style of curtain you choose dictating what heading works best.