Blackout Window Curtains & Drapes

Create a Blackout

Offering incredible functionality in a range of situations, blackout curtains can offer the perfect alternative to traditional window curtains or window blinds. So, what can blackout curtains be used for? First up, let’s talk weather. Most Australians face cold in the winter and heat in the summer – but, that doesn’t mean their houses are well equipped for these swings in temperature. While insulation and good quality windows can offer excellent protection against the elements, there are additional ways to can help keep extreme temperatures at bay.

Good quality blackout curtains can help to keep the sun from over-heating the house in summer, while also keeping out cold draughts in winter, making them a very affordable alternative if there’s no money for upgraded windows this year. But that’s not all. As their name would suggest, blackout curtains are designed to create blackout conditions. Have a home cinema? Blackout curtains can provide the ideal atmosphere for movie watching, even in when it’s perfectly light outside. For light sleepers and kids, blackout curtains work equally well, darkening the room for a peaceful night’s rest.

Buying Blackout Curtains

Don’t worry, just because they’re called blackout curtains, does not mean they are black. Blackout curtains come in a huge range of styles, materials and colours, so that they can work with almost any décor. From kids’ curtains that are covered in cartoon characters, to the most luxuriously stylish drapes that create just the right look in the bedroom, there are plenty of blackout curtains to choose from. And what better place to search the options than eBay? Home to a vast range of curtains, blinds and soft furnishings, eBay makes it easy to find window coverings that suit the style of the renovation project – and the budget that goes with it!

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