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Got one to sell?

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Bladeless Portable Fans

When it comes to keeping cool, fans (both desktop and freestanding) are both efficient and low-cost to buy and run. With technology constantly advancing, it was only a matter of time before portable fans evolved. Though initially odd-looking, bladeless portable fans are actually extremely effective and aesthetically pleasing, able to fit into almost any decor scheme. They are also less of a danger to small children, who will no longer be able to injure their fingers by the fast-moving propellers. Bladeless portable fans are reported to have a more consistent and constant airflow than traditional ones, and you can try them out for yourself today.

Bladeless Cooling

With many models able to work via USB port, there is no need to ever suffer in the heat again. Branded and unbranded electric bladeless portable fans don’t take up a lot of space, and yet have immense power. Cost varies depending on desired size, with small desktop versions coming in at under $20, or more powerful, room-cooling standing or wall-mounted versions that run for a higher price.

Bladeless Heating

Why pay for an air-conditioner and a heater, when you can get a bladeless heating system that can do both? Space saving and energy efficient, these devices seem to work like magic. Their lack of blades allows for an uninterrupted flow of heated air, working faster to beat the chill.


With advancement making our technology smaller and smaller, it’s no surprise the same is occurring for our heating and cooling systems. Despite the initial uncertainty that it would still work as well, the response has been highly favourable. The smaller stature of desk fans allows them to be more portable, able to be moved easily around a room, or placed directly in front of you on a desk. Funky designs have also be released, with different colours and shapes to fit wherever you put them.

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