Make a statement with a beautifully crafted watch from Blancpain 

In an age of limitless tablets, iPhones, laptops and fitness trackers, there's something romantic about using an old-fashioned timepiece to tell the time. Show off your class, style and timeless taste with a Blancpain watch, available here on eBay for a fraction of the cost. 

Made with care for almost 300 years 

Founded in 1735 by Swiss watchmaker Jeham-Jacques Blancpain, the brand has earned a revered reputation as one of the world's best luxury watch manufacturers. Their extensive collection of watches include models for every occasion, from sports watches to dress watches, and even dive watches to keep track of the time at up to 1000 feet under water. Whatever your aesthetic, there are plenty of Blancpain timepieces to choose from. Catering for both men and women, the brand makes statement pieces in a plethora of colours, from black, brown and stainless steel to pink, blue and white. Looking for a particular size? Choose from small cases measuring between 20 and 25mm, all the way up to larger statement pieces measuring between 45 to 50 mm, or even 55mm and over.

Blancpain's ocean commitment 

Buying a Blancpain timepiece isn't just good for your look - it's also good for the planet. Blancpain played a huge role in the development of modern sea diving. Its innovative water and pressure-proof designs make Blancpain the watch of choice for hobby divers, oceanologists, explorers and underwater photographers around the world. Blancpain knows how important it is to preserve the beauty of life below the water line, so they work tirelessly on projects aimed to keep the underwater world safe, such as the Pristine Sea Expeditions, which enabled the creation of new marine protected areas across the world. 

Whatever the Blancpain watch to suits your needs, you'll want to find the time to peruse the collection available here on eBay today.