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Keeping Your Wardrobe Simple: Blank Clothing for Men

If you like to keep your wardrobe simple, Blank clothing for men is a great option, giving you the versatility to match with anything, and to wear your clothes for any occasion. eBay has a full range of Blank clothing for men – including t-shirts and shorts, pants and singlets. Whatever it is you’re after, you’re sure to find it here.

Types of blank clothing for men

Blank clothing is a simple trend – essentially, they don’t have any kind of decoration imprinted on them, and they have no labels. There is a huge variety of blank clothing for men online, ranging from dress shirts to t-shirts and hoodies to jackets.

Whether you prefer to wear blank clothing for work, or when you hit the gym, if it’s for sports or if you plan on adding your own prints – there are plenty of blank clothing types available.

  • Dress Shirts: Dress shirts can be worn all year round and are available in both long sleeve and short sleeves. They can be made of 100% cotton, other materials, or they could come in the form of a polo shirt which is always popular for sporting events, such as golf, or even fishing. There are many kinds of fabric, and these shirts are available in a range of colours.
  • t-Shirts and singlets: if you prefer a simple plain colour over vibrant patterns, eBay has a full range of t-shirts and singlets available. While superheroes are always a great choice for a shirt, there are times where these bright shirts simply don't fit. If you purchase a plain shirt and you want to dress it up later, you can always purchase some fabric prints or emblems to suit.
  • Shorts and pants: Blank clothing for men isn't just about shirts and tops either. If you prefer to buy your shorts and pants without any logos or images, you can do so right here on eBay.
  • Jackets, vests, hoodies, team uniforms and fitness wear: Essentially, any type of clothing can be included as blank clothing, provided it doesn't have any markings or logos. Whether you're an athlete, or play a ball sport, or you are looking for a basic hoodie to wear throughout the winter - if plain colours are your preference, you're in for a treat thanks to eBay’s collection of blank clothing for men.

How to choose online

Whether they’re black, white, or bright yellow, plain t-shirts and shorts that have no prints are a staple for all wardrobes. They're the perfect balance of simplicity and comfort, and they can be dressed in a variety of ways. When you’re buying online, you will want to consider a few things, including the material, sizing and of course, the purpose of your clothes. Keep in mind that blank clothing is:

  • Versatile: be the base of every outfit in your wardrobe and you can wear it in a variety of ways
  • Seasonal: ideal for layering in the winter and equally fashionable and comfy in the summer
  • Fashionable: minimalist has been popular for the past few seasons, and shows no signs of slowing down
  • Economical: you can spend a few dollars, or a few hundred, depending on your personal style
  • Comfortable: get the right materials and you can make any plain clothing as comfortable as it is fashionable

If plain white clothing isn’t for you, add some pop with a bright shade instead; there's a wide range of colours to suit your taste and style on eBay.