Blank Media Cases, Sleeves & Wallets

Media Cases, Sleeves, and Wallets

Videos, digital photos and other media deserve proper storage to preserve the content for future generations. The storage container, whether a box, case or sleeve, should protect discs from scratches, smudges and other damage with adequate space for labelling. Your personal media library can contain all of your personal documents, whether music, tax files or anything else, so theyre immediately available for review.

Storage Boxes

Media storage boxes are available in many materials, such as tough-wearing leather, metal and nylon as well as soft and rigid plastics. These boxes are attractive to look at when sitting on a shelf or table and have zippered openings to keep dust and sunlight away from the discs. An additional bonus is that they hold as few as 250 or as many as 1,000 discs or more. For example, numbered, double-sided inserts hold one disc on each side. You can choose from numerous storage configurations to locate your DVD or CD quickly. Most storage boxes include a handle on top for easy transporting.

Standard Jewel Cases

When accessing a disc while travelling or at work standard jewel cases protect discs on the go. Most have a clear front to view labelled discs and usually come in packs of 25, 50 and other quantities. Each high-quality plastic case has a hinged cover and may hold as many as one to six discs. The clear tray is removable with space to insert a front, back and spine cover.


You can pick your choice of material when choosing media sleeves made from paper, cardboard, plastic and leather. Some clear protectors are 3-hole punched to fit inside a storage binder. Youll have immediate access to movies, pictures of your children and digital videos of weddings and graduations. Moreover, coloured sleeves with clear windows are available to organise your media library by colour coding.