Blank MiniDiscs

Blank MiniDiscs

Sony introduced MiniDiscs in 1991, and since then, they have provided users with a low-cost recording medium that is very easy to use. Protected by a 2.5-inch housing, a blank MiniDisc is essentially a rewritable medium that looks like a miniature compact discs. With an estimated life of up to 30 years, it offers near-CD quality for your files.


The two main types of MiniDiscs available include MD data discs used in multitrack recordings and the 74-minute MiniDisc used in 2-track recorders, which is also the most popular option. The sound quality you can get on a MiniDisc is similar to that of a CD, but it also depends on the quality of the compression and that of the A/D converter in your recorder. Different brands are available and, unlike CDs, you can erase and record MiniDiscs as often as you want.

MiniDisc Packs

You can purchase MiniDiscs individually, or in packs, which can be more economical if you're someone who needs multiple discs on a regular basis. Whether you opt for a pack of 5 blank MiniDiscs or 10 blank MiniDiscs, make sure that they are a suitable choice for your recorder by consulting the manufacturer's instructions.

Maintaining MiniDiscs

Blank media care and storage is always an important factor. Just like in the case of CDs, you need to handle MiniDiscs carefully because scratches may ruin them completely or may damage the sound quality. To clean your MiniDiscs correctly, look for a lens cleaner that features brushes made from ultra-fine fibres to clean your discs safely and thoroughly. With this type of lens cleaner, you can have a MiniDisc spotless in a couple of seconds. As a rule of thumb, clean your MiniDiscs at least once a month.