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Quality audio from Blaupunkt

Founded in 1923, Blaupunkt produced quality radios and marked them with a blue dot as a sign that they had passed the quality test. They quickly became known as the ‘blue dot' products, blau punkt in German. With this, Blaupunkt was born. It wasn't until 1932 that they launched the first car radio, but it was the first ever seen in the world. The rest is history.

Blaupunkt has now expanded to produce not only car kit, but also air treatment technology, kitchen appliances and LED lighting. They have also evolved to supply navigation technology, tablets, PC's, home security systems, mobile phones and televisions.

Blaupunkt for the car

Have the best radio in the world right in the comfort of your car as an easy to install in-dash unit. Sing along to your favourite songs on road trips, or simply use a Bluetooth radio to make phone calls when you're on the move. Blaupunkt offers it all.

Search through a selection of traditional car radios right here. If you're after something a little more high tech, try out the home Plug 'n' Play Car DAB+ Digital Radio. This product includes a digital radio with colour display and built-in Bluetooth so that you can speak on the phone, hands-free. It has your normal radio station tuning, but it's also fitted with plug and play features. This is one neat device.

If you're looking for something extra, go for portable DVD players by Blaupunkt to keep the kids happy on long car journeys, or their LED Bluetooth connectivity speaker. Hook it up to your phone and control the music wherever you are.

Shop for a range of products outside of radios. Dash cams, sat navs, tyre pressure monitors. You name it, Blaupunkt probably makes it.

With Blaupunkt products, you'll find what you're looking for in regards to car audio parts, and you'll know it's quality kit.