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Bloch began with the goal of making the most comfortable dance shoe in the world by listening to the needs of dancers around the world. Their innovative and quality dance shoes are known as some of the most trusted in the industry. They offer handcrafted Pointe Shoes and Dance Sneakers to help dancers achieve new levels of excellence in their discipline. From the young ballerina to the professional, Bloch is the shoe for you. 

Bloch dance shoes range from Ballet Flats to barefoot protection with excellent fit and comfort so that dancers can focus on skill and technique. Bloch is the official dance shoe of The Australian Ballet and continues the tradition of satisfying dancer's needs for lyrical, modern and contemporary dance and gymnastics. 

Bloch also specialises in Children's Dancewear which use a range of materials to protect the toes and ball of the foot without compromising any desirable barefoot aesthetic. Bloch shoes sit comfortably and almost invisible against the foot with the ingenious use of elastic straps. When dancing, you want complete focus, and your shoes should never distract you from that. This is the Bloch goal.

Bloch is continuously at the forefront of design in Dancewear ready to satisfy the needs and desires of the modern dancer. With dynamic fabrics, Bloch makes sure your dance shoes, and clothes move with you and offer comfort through class, rehearsal, and performance. Search the range of Bloch products on eBay and give prime yourself for the best performance possible.